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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. But what does TLDR mean, how do you use it, and where did it come from? But words and phrases can change depending on their context, and TLDR is no exception. In its simplest form, TLDR is used to express that a piece of digital text an article, email, etc. Along this same line, writers sometimes include a TLDR at the top or bottom of their web article, email, or text message. Our best guess is that the phrase originated from discussion boards like the Something Awful Forums and 4Chan during the early s. Using the phrase TLDR without offering a useful summary for the content can come off as intentionally rude but of course, that may be your intention. When using TLDR as a commenter, your job is very simple. When using TLDR as an author, your job is a little more complicated. A TLDR-summary at the end of a long text is sometimes more desirable, as it allows you to sum up all of the details that the reader is digesting.


This page provides state information on access to voter lists. States have varied requirements on who is eligible to request a list of voters, what information the list contains, what information is kept confidential, and how information contained in voter lists may be used. Many states also have specific programs to keep all voter information confidential for certain classes of voters.

Statutes govern the details. Legislators who are interested in expanding or restricting access to voter information may want to consider the following questions:.

DOB: Date of Birth · DOI: Date of Injury · D&O: Directors and Officers · DB: Defined Benefit · DBPP: Defined Benefit Pension Plan · DCPP: Defined Contribution.

Right from collecting of documents to taking time off other routines to clear tests for that coveted license- it is serious business. This article attempts to make the procedural route to obtaining licenses at any city RTO simple and lucid. That is, if you are enrolled in a driving school or are being guided by a tutor, your having an LL authorizes you to handle a motor vehicle.

One has to be over 16 years of age to obtain a 2 wheeler LL. Those between years are given LLs for gearless, 50cc vehicles only. It is forbidden for others to ride pillion. If you are stopped by traffic policemen during routine license-checking, assuming you have not broken any traffic rules, nevertheless, you stand the chance of being penalized if.

The test and application procedures are conducted only between 10 A. M and 1.

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Arrival Date. The date the merchandise is expected to arrive at a location. Arrival Notice. A notice, furnished to the consignee, of the arrival of a shipment. ASC X12​.

A maritime term referring to fuel used aboard the ship. Bunker fuel is technically any type of fuel oil used aboard ships. It gets its name from the containers on ships and in ports that it is stored in; in the days of steam they were coal bunkers but now they are bunker-fuel tanks. A point beyond the mid-point of a ship’s length, toward the stern relative to an object or point of reference ‘abaft the fore hatch’.

Further aft than the beam: a relative bearing of greater than 90 degrees from the bow: ‘two points abaft the port beam’. Some modern references claim that AB stands for able-bodied seaman as well as, or instead of, able seaman. Able seaman was originally entered using the abbreviation AB instead of the more obvious AS in ships’ muster books or articles. Such an entry was likely to avoid confusion with ordinary seaman OS. Later the abbreviation began to be written as A.

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What is the GoArmyEd Portal? What if Soldiers encounter technical problems with GoArmyEd? What if Soldiers wish to change their academic certificate or degree program? Can Soldiers receive credit toward a degree for military training and experience? What is academic residency?

Abbreviations and letter symbols are used to save space and to avoid In text only, dates as part of a citation or reference within paren- dL—deciliter dm—.

The federal definition of academic year is July 1 through June Accrued Interest : Interest that builds gradually on the loan. Each day, interest is calculated on the unpaid principal balance and becomes accrued interest. Back to Alphabet. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program, a federal financial assistance program for students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement and show promise of continued academic excellence Back to Alphabet. CB : Campus-Based CDR : Cohort Default Rate, the percentage of federal student loan borrowers who enter repayment during a particular federal fiscal year FFY , October 1 – September 30, and default on their loans by the end of the next FFY for a two-year rate, or after two federal fiscal years for a three year rate.

Cohort Default Rate CDR : The percentage of federal student loan borrowers who enter repayment during a particular federal fiscal year FFY , October 1 – September 30, and default on their loans by the end of the next FFY for a two-year rate, or after two federal fiscal years for a three year rate. D DAA : Default Aversion Assistance, activities that guaranty agencies must perform to encourage repayment by borrowers with delinquent student loans.

A lender must submit a DAA request to the guarantor when a borrower is days delinquent on a student loan.

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Become a member of TranslationDirectory. Use the search bar to look for terms in all glossaries, dictionaries, articles and other resources simultaneously. This is the overview for the medical abbreviations series. This list is far from complete; you can help by expanding it.

The popularity of abbreviations and acronyms in personal ads Even though personal ads have largely moved online to places like Craigslist and dating websites, these acronyms are still used as a kind of DL: down low.

Top definition. Kenneth : Oh Chris is so hot, why is he straight? Aug 18 Word of the Day. Are they a girl or a boy? Neither , they’re an enby! Leo: Look. DOWN LOW- a secret underground organization where straight, masculine, ” thug like ” black men, often with wives and girlfriends secretly have unprotected sex with other black men- also known as “the DL”.

Specifically used to refer to covert male homosexual activity. Whether we’re talking about guys who freak with their boys, or hustlers who are strictly ” gay for pay ” Thanks to homophobia, bigotry and all that bullshit in their communities they prefer to keep things quiet: On the DL. Abbreviated for ” Down Low. Someone that is afraid to let the world know that they have sex with their homeboys. Homeboy 1: “Man I like what we really did last night!

Your dick is bangin! Shut up!

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Certain niche sites, such as Craigslist, spawn acronyms and abbreviations of their own. If you’re perusing job listings, then Craigslist acronyms follow long-established print standards. Sales and personal terms are a little more complex; learn the lingo before you sell or buy. This sort of brevity made sense when you had to pay by the line, and it blends perfectly with conventional text speak. Like sales terms, many of the acronyms you see in Craigslist classified postings follow long-established print standards.

DL Number-Drivers License or ID Card Number (either Social Security number, Computer Event date-ADM & CON/arrest or occurrence date, ACC/occurrence date of accident, VIOL TYPE — Code or abbreviation for conviction or action.

So here they are — a list of identity and access management acronyms — in alphabetical order:. ADLDS is often used as a Directory Service for a specific application because it removes the need to extend the AD schema with application specific attributes and objects. AuthN Authentication is the process of validating an identity. Read more about Authentication in our glossary.

AuthZ Authorization is the process of determining if a user has the right to access a service or resource, or perform an action. The granting of access is normally regulated via group membership, allocation of roles or claims. Each pair is stored on a single line and sets of attributes are separated by a blank line. There are two major advantages of AVP over a CSV format see below ; individual objects can have a different set of attributes e.

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Down-low is an African American slang term that typically refers to a subculture of black men Most date or marry women and engage sexually with men they meet only in anonymous settings like bathhouses and parks or through the Most DL men identify themselves not as gay or bisexual but first and foremost as black.

Additional information can be found in Texas Transportation Code Chapters and If a law enforcement officer has reason to believe you are impaired, a set of field sobriety tests will be administered. You may request a hearing within 15 days of being served notice. The Department will process your request and respond to you at your address on record or the address you provide with your hearing request.

This letter will provide the date, time and location of your hearing. Please allow up to days for this hearing to be scheduled. An Administrative Law Judge ALJ will listen to all parties’ evidence and make a final determination of driver license suspension.

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On 23rd May , ACM TOMCCAP changed its acronym to ACM TOMM. between the journal Editorial Board and SIGMM constituents dating back to

However, if you hire someone for less than three business days, you must complete Section 2 no later than the first day of employment. You must allow the employee to choose which document s the employee will present from the Form I-9 Lists of Acceptable Documents. You cannot specify which document s an employee will present from the list. Physically examine each original document from the employee to determine if the document reasonably appears to be genuine and relates to the person presenting it.

You or your authorized representative must examine these documents in the physical presence of the employee presenting them. Examine one document selected from List A or a combination of one document selected from List B and one document selected from List C. If you participate in E-Verify, and the employee presents a combination of List B and List C documents, then the List B document must contain a photograph.

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