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The 7th workshop Artificial Intelligence for Knowledge Management focus on AI applied to face the current challenge such as climate change, eco-innovation, societal innovation and global security. The objective of this multidisciplinary session is to gather both researchers and practitioners to discuss methodological, technical and organizational aspects of AI used for knowledge management and to share the feedback on KM applications using AI. Knowledge management powered by AI for Business Intelligence, advisors, simulators, virtual training, all applications of machine learning to support innovation and eco-innovation, knowledge visualization for improving the creativity and human-machine interfaces, image mining making links between data and images ex bio-detection and others are welcome. Despite achieving great success in a range of important applications deep learning continues to face challenging questions around its robustness, extrapolation and transfer learning, reasoning and explanation capabilities. Developments in the field of neural-symbolic integration offer an opportunity to address such challenges through the integration of well-founded symbolic Artificial Intelligence AI with efficient neural computation. The Workshop on Neural-Symbolic Learning and Reasoning will provide a forum for the presentation, exchange of ideas, and discussion of the key topics related to neural-symbolic computing and AI. The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum where international participants can share knowledge on applying NLP to the Financial Technology FinTech domain. With the sharing of the researchers in FinNLP, the challenging problems of blending FinTech and NLP will be identified, and the future research direction will be shaped.

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The workshops at the International Conference on Software Engineering ICSE provide a forum for groups of participants to discuss topics in software engineering research and practice. ICSE Workshops can be quite diverse. They serve as incubators for scientific communities that form and share a particular research agenda.

Workshops will take place on October 27, 28 and November 2 at the For specific questions, such as submission dates, please contact directly the workshop organizers. Full day, E5, E6, Statistical Deep Learning in Computer Vision.

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Conventional deep learning architectures involve composition of simple feedforward processing functions that are explicitly defined. Recently, researchers have been exploring deep learning models with implicitly defined components. To distinguish these from conventional deep learning models we call them deep declarative networks , borrowing nomenclature from the programming languages community Gould et al.

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All papers must be formatted according to the ACM proceedings style. Click on the link to access Latex and Word templates for this format. Please ensure the appropriate length of your submission, namely:. Long research papers, are up to 8 pages, plus additional pages for the list of references. These type of papers will have oral and poster presentations at the conference. Authors of the best papers will be asked to extend their work for a Special Issue in Springer’s International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval.

Short research papers and demonstrations are up to 4 pages, plus additional pages for the list of references.

2022.08.01 Deep Characterisation Workshop

Workshops will take place on October 27, 28 and November 2 at the same venue as the main conference. For specific questions, such as submission dates, please contact directly the workshop organizers. Toggle navigation.

Following the success of 1st ICCV Workshop on Physics Based Vision meets Deep Learning (PBDL). We propose the 2nd workshop using the same title​.

At DEEP we had a taste of topics that we want to know more about and advance. The We Count — Digging DEEPer series will be a variety of activities and events that will allow us to learn, collaborate, co-design and share. Artificial intelligence is more and more responsible for decisions that have a huge impact on our lives. But predictions made using data mining and algorithms can affect population subgroups differently.

Academic researchers and journalists have shown that decisions taken by predictive algorithms sometimes lead to biased outcomes, reproducing inequalities already present in society. Is it possible to make a fairness-aware data mining process? Are algorithms biased because people are too? Or is it how machine learning works at the most fundamental level?

Deep Sleep Workshop

While supervised and unsupervised learning have been extensively used for knowledge discovery for decades and have achieved immense success, much less attention has been paid to reinforcement learning in knowledge discovery until the recent emergence of deep reinforcement learning DRL. By integrating deep learning into reinforcement learning, DRL is not only capable of continuing sensing and learning to act, but also capturing complex patterns with the power of deep learning.

Recent years have witnessed the enormous success of DRL for numerous domains such as the game of Go, video games, and robotics, leading up to increasing advances of DRL for knowledge discovery.

Times and dates are listed below; see the individual Workshop web pages for DeepTest, 2nd Workshop on Testing for Deep Learning and Deep Learning for.

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Dawn Song. Ian Goodfellow. Keynote: Is “adversarial examples” an Adversarial Example? NOTE : Due to a large number of submissions and accepted papers, some papers will be presented during a Poster Session while others will be presented orally.

In this workshop, delegates will learn how to combine both pre-built artificial intelligence (AI) (in the form of various Cognitive Cognitive Services And Deep Learning Training | Microsoft Cloud Workshop in Almaty Dates & Prices Enquire.

Irrespective of your level of knowledge, we offer you information modules tailored to your needs in order to specifically build up or deepen your know-how with regard to battery cell technology and production. Our practical training courses give you the opportunity to adapt our knowledge and incorporate it into your projects in a targeted manner.

Who should participate? In practical modules, starting with raw materials, slurry and electrodes, the production of pouch cells and electrochemical characterization, cell assembly is carried out in a practical manner in this seminar. The corresponding lecture program provides insights into the latest trends in technology. You can open the specific seminar program by clicking the button below. You are interested in participating. Then use our registration form to register and secure one of the limited participant places.

Our responsible contact person Mr. Open seminar information. Open registration form.

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Yogaquest is an intensive, deep, international 3 days immersion for yoga teachers, movement facilitators, and devoted practitioners. We will share hours of asana practice, breath, assisting supporting and adjustment for advanced posters, emotional anatomy studies, arm balancing, and handstands. It will be a living lab for us to nourish and take care of while we progress as yoga teachers and movement explorers. A mother of 2 and a world traveler. She has been practicing yoga since Bodyworker, breath coach and emotional Therapist.

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Workshop on Deep Reinforcement Learning for Knowledge Discovery

Our flagship event is the annual WiML Workshop, a technical workshop for women to present their research in machine learning. Looking for local meetups? Check out WiMLDS, another organization that supports women in machine learning by organizing local meetups.

DVU International Workshop on Deep Video Understanding Conference Dates, Oct 25, – Oct 25, Conference Address.

It draws on the idea that humans have a role and place in the world to become intentional about evolution and its direction for social and planetary systems, all life on Earth. This nature of growth is the most certain path to making a greater contribution, sourced from our individual uniqueness and essence, and to the experience of more meaning in our lives. Further, they want to apply that growth to support an essence expression and intentional evolution approach to change. They may be running businesses or consulting to and coaching individuals businesses, and organizations in their pursuit of change.

They embrace the idea of producing change that has responsible effects in the world. These include businesses, educational systems, and nonprofit organizations, as well as community and economic development in a place. The Change Agent Development Community focuses on working, inventing and growing together over many years and generations. It has existed in evolving forms for six decades and is handed down as a lineage. It utilizes and continues to evolve a very well-tested and proven system of critical thinking and practice based in modern science and linguistics, evolutionary biology, systems psychology and the ancient and modern spiritual teachings and philosophy of Western and Eastern traditions as well as indigenous teachings.

What members say about their experience.

Deep Learning for low-resource NLP

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Graph-based and graph-supported deep learning (e.g., graph-based recurrent and recursive May 20, Workshop Paper Due Date.

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