7 Ways To Make Interfaith Relationships Work

I have performed over 3, weddings throughout my year career and I am passionate about working with Jewish interfaith couples. I recently wrote a novel, called Weddings by the Glass , an exploration of how an interfaith couple, from the engagement through the wedding ceremony, navigate some of the challenges that are unique in an interfaith relationship. Here are five of my top tips for engaged couples. You have a unique relationship that represents both who you are together, as well as who you are as individuals. Out of two different and distinct religious traditions, you have come together to learn the best of what the other has to offer, appreciating your differences, while confirming that being together is far better than being apart. A question and answer session can help resolve nagging issues regarding the role faith will play in your marriage.

What happens when you fall in love across the religious divide?

I was breaking the one rule they persistently drill into young evangelical girls aside from no front hugs — do not date non-Christian men. Skip navigation! Story from Sex. Dating someone from a different faith can be incredibly rewarding or a disaster of biblical proportions. In my experience, it was both. Some years ago, I found the love of my life.

Apr 10, – Interracial Relationships, Interfaith Love and Online Dating Advice! Let’s talk about how to date out of the box! Author Damona Hoffman, a.

Art: Richard Vergez. A reader asked: Can interfaith relationships really work out? The short answer: yes, but…! The greatest challenge? As you can imagine, major theological disagreements can lead to some pretty tense holiday dinners. That judicious approach begins with an open mind.

4 Questions Every Interfaith Couple Should Ask Before Getting Serious

I often blog about multicultural weddings and their beauty of two cultures blending into one fusion wedding. To gain an insight of how other couples have completed this. This is the happy and exciting part of planning and leading up to your wedding. Depending on your culture or religion, dating someone outside of your faith, can be deemed as unacceptable. To those who do not have this issue can find this strange and slightly racist.

Reform Judaism has made a commitment to welcoming interfaith couples and their A child’s relationship with a grandparent should be treasured and nurtured.

It was a Sunday morning, the third or fourth time I slept over. I woke up to the feeling of his hands running through my hair, like a novice hairdresser procrastinating making the first cut. I opened my eyes and saw the numbers on the digital clock blinking I closed my eyes. His hands combed urgently through my hair. His breath quickened. I felt his heart slamming, timpani-like, against my shoulder blade. Suddenly fully awake, I braced for a bombshell.

Interfaith Relationships

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. As life becomes more global in scope and many people reject the traditional beliefs of pairing up with others of the same race or creed, Canadians are more often finding themselves in interfaith relationships. According to the National Household Survey , 4.

Together but Alone: When God Means Something Different to Your Spouse by Donna Erickson Couch. Related Topics: Dating & Engaged, Ecumenical Marriage.

Who said marriage was easy? Never was, never will be. The couples who are successful are the ones who know they have to work at it. That one extra issue of religion can often be the cornerstone of strife in a union. But guess what? In fact, it can be a catapult to improving the relationship. Here are some little tips that can help.

Without talking through the difficult issues with your spouse, your chances of working out problems become pretty slim. Communication is the process by which your feelings get put on the table. How would you ever know that your wife has a problem with your parents giving the kids Christmas presents during Hanukkah, if she never told you?

Communication is also the process by which ideas form. When you and your spouse are able to talk about your problems, you can come up with solutions that both of you can agree on. Plan ahead.

Finding Common Ground in Interfaith Marriage

My son is marrying a woman from Singapore and he refuses to incorporate any Jewish traditions in the wedding — even breaking the glass. Seesaw, am I being ridiculous to care? Your struggle is part of a larger struggle; we are all trying to figure out, spiritually, the question, what do we know to be true?

Today it is more common than ever for people to meet and marry across religious lines. Yet, the process of deciding to marry and resolving many questions is.

The main aim of this study is to discuss and to explore psychological impacts on interfaith families in educating their children. This is a qualitative field research that involved 10 study subjects having inclusive criteria to be studied using a snowball sampling technique. The methods of data collection used in this study include observation, documentation, and in-depth interview with a number of informants and subjects. The data analysis was done simultaneously from the beginning of conducting the research to the process of writing conclusions.

The findings show that interfaith families generally live peacefully and harmoniously although they still feel psychological ripples within their heart. Interfaith marriage causes some psychological impacts on families. The children experience doubts about their religion. Humans are homo religious [ 1 Arifin HM.

6 People Share What It Took to Make Their Interfaith Relationships Work

Being an interfaith couple is not a new thing but is certainly more common than it used to be. Gone are the days when your parents or social and religious traditions dictated that one should only marry within their own faith. Our modern society is much more open to the idea of interfaith couples. Still, there are challenges in religious practices, at the holidays and with child-rearing.

Straightforward and nonjudgmental advice for dating couples, partners, husbands and wives, in-laws, counselors and others. Interfaith relationships are.

This fast day commemorates the Roman destruction of the Second Temple. This is the saddest day in the Jewish calendar. A confession: I have a Christmas tree. Not Christmas, not Chrismukkah—Hanukkah. There have been dreidels, latkes, hanukkiyot, and various versions of …. A list of holiday picture books for kids about Christmas and Hanukkah traditions celebrated by interfaith families.

Celebrity gossip, relationship advice, sex tips and more for real women everywhere! Celebs dating across religions aren’t the only ones: More than 40 percent of Jews marry Unlocking Jewish In Solidarity We stand with our black and brown friends and family members, and communities of color—and the diverse couples and families of 18Doors.

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But dismissing the differences can be detrimental to a couple in the future. Crohn, who specializes in couples and family therapy , offers seven ideas for understanding these differences and helping interfaith relationships work. Again, the biggest problem facing interfaith couples is denying that differences actually exist. So he urges couples to face their issues head-on.

INSIDER asked a real couple — made up of a Muslim man and a Christian woman — how they make it work, despite practicing different faiths.

If you and your spouse are an interfaith couple, you may be making some critical mistakes that could harm your marriage. We’ve compiled a list of mistakes that those in interfaith marriages make. According to Luchina Fisher’s article, “Chelsea Clinton’s Interfaith Marriage Challenge: Kids, Holidays, Soul-Searching,” Susanna Macomb said one of the biggest mistakes interfaith couples make is not presenting a united front to their families. It’s important that couples make decisions together and then present them together to their families.

Make no mistake, on your wedding day, you’re choosing your partner. Your marriage must now come first. Marrying outside your own faith requires the two of you to be especially mature, respectful and compromising to have a successful long-term relationship. Take the time before you marry to explore these concerns with each other, or a neutral outside professional , that may come up. Learn the best ways to manage stress and negativity in your life.

Fisher L. The obstacles Chelsea and husband Marc Mezvinsky can expect to face. ABC News. Updated August 2, More in Relationships.

Relationship Advice: Successful Interfaith Relationship Tips

Are you in a Jewish interfaith relationship? Do you need help navigating the challenges of Love and Religion? For the past 19 years, I have worked with over Jewish interfaith couples to facilitate important conversations about Jewish identity and relationships. Please look through my website to find out more about my workshops , consultation services and advice for Jewish interfaith couples! I help Jewish interfaith couples that are seriously dating, engaged or newly married.

It is not meant to establish a therapist-patient relationship or offer therapeutic advice, opinion, diagnosis treatment or to establish a standard of.

And when you are in an inter-faith marriage, you have to work that much harder to overcome the complexities that come along with differing religious beliefs. Being part of an inter-faith couple is certainly not a new thing, and it’s now more commonplace, but it still comes with its challenges. A study showed that w e are now 46 per cent more likely to marry or be in a long-term relationship with someone of a different faith than 30 years ago.

While society is much more open to the idea of inter-faith relationships, there are still challenges inter-faith couples face. I have been married for six years. I am Hindu and my husband is Catholic. We have both had fairly religious upbringings. I attended Bal Vihaar religious Sunday school at the Hindu temple weekly as a child. My husband went to a Catholic school from his primary years through to high school. We are both well versed on our religions. However, we are also both very open to other religions, and that has been a major factor in making our relationship work for us.

Interfaith Relationship Advice: Can Mixed Faith Love Between Religions Work?